Press publications about the association in Malawi and in Switzerland, 2001 – 2018
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I like Nsima and Fish
Editors: Nicola Carpi and Martin Schaer, Edition Patrick Frey, 2013

I Like Nsima and Fish gathers the portraits of twenty young Malawians, who photographed themselves, their environment, and their daily lives in 2001 using an analog camera. Eight years later, the former students, who were meanwhile grown adults, were portrayed again and explained what had happened in the years inbetween. A picture book with texts by the portrayed persons offers a unique insight into their lifestories and future expectations. I Like Nsima and Fish collects twenty African stories that illuminate the differences and similarities between Africa and the Western world.

Fearless Fighter – The Life of Vera Chirwa

Vera Chirwa, Zed Books Ltd, 2007

Fearless Fighter gives an insight into political life in Malawi since 1950. Vera Chirwa fought alongside her husband Orton Chirwa for the independence of the British protectorate Nyassaland. Soon after achieving this goal, they were persecuted by President Band, kidnapped, and in 1981 sentenced to death. As a result of international pressure, Vera Chirwa was released in 1993. Her husband died at the end of 1992 under unclear circumstances.

Samson Kambalu

Jive Talker, Unionsverlag, 2010

His name means »Don’t worry be happy«. Is this the reason why little Samson grows up into a teenager in a world where mambas, malaria, and misery are lurking behind every corner? A teenager who perfectly masters Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk, who prefers to read Nitzsche on the toilet, and who invents his own religion at the age of 12? Or is it up to his excentric father, the Jive Talker? He had to forget his dream of becoming a real doctor, but he still instills a neverending optimism in his son. Jive Talker is a vibrant story of a young boy who grows up in Malawi and who moves out into the world to become an artist. With his passion for language and his absurd humour, he manages all the ups and downs of life.


Chemusa Stars
Directors: Nicola Carpi & Cyril Gfeller, 2006

One township, 150 children, 80 footballs, one tournament: That is how the Bernese film-makers Cyril Gfeller and Nicola Carpi described their film Chemusa Stars, which they shot during the inaugural football camp (2005). Initially intended as a documentary which could be used for funding purposes, the film became a success story further afield. It won the Guirlande d’Honneur at the Milano International FICTS festival in the category Team Sport.

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Baba’s Song

Director: Wolfgang Panzer, 2009

When Jo, an extremely clever child refugee and full of spirits, meets the fascinating and dumb orphan child Baba, a unique friendship starts, but also an adventurous journey through Malawi, one of the poorest countries in South East Africa. A sonorous journey, which captivates the audience in the pulsating rhythm of Africa and which develops a positive energy despite many dramatic events.